Pluggo Standard Decapper פותח פקקים אוטומטי

מפרט טכני:

The PLUGGO™ decapper is an automated system for the safe removal of original stoppers from vacuum tubes. Carousel based automated bench top decapper. Handles all standard vacuum collection tubes.

Preventing the risk of infection through aerosol formation and accidental spillage of blood is now a major safety concern in all laboratories, particularly during the removal of the original stoppers from vacuum blood collection tubes.

PLUGGO reduces the possibility of Repetitive Strain Injury and combines safety and simplicity of operation with efficient and hygienic tube handling for laboratory staff. Occupying a minimum of bench space, PLUGGO can process nearly fifty tubes per minute. Tubes are loaded into a twenty-four position carousel which is placed in PLUGGO’s covered sampling compartment. Carousels are available to accommodate the usual 13mm and 16mm diameter vacuum blood collection tubes

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