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Product Name:

Horizontal Autoclave 113L

Product ID: 2958
Manufacturer: Systec
Model: HX-100

Internal volume: 113L. Chamber dimensions diam. 500 x depth 500mm

Integrated steam generator

Housing, support frame and pressure vessel made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel

Temperature and pressure range 140 °C, 4 bar absolute pressure

Touch-Screen control

Up to 100 sterilization programs

Code-secured access rights for changing parameters and further safety-relevant intervention

Internal memory for storing up to 500 sterilization cycles

Timer for starting programs

Autofill: automatic demineralized water feed for steam generation

Flexible PT-100 temperature sensor

Additional temperature sensor in condense exhaust

Temperature holding function for liquids after program finish

Special program for waste sterilization with pulsed heat-up for more efficient air exhaust

Water-cooled steam exhaust, thermostatically controlled

Programmable automatic door-opening on completion of program

RS-232 interface for external data transmission