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Product Name:

CO2 Incubator

Product ID: 2254
Manufacturer: Heal Force
Model: Smart Cell HF-90

FDA-Certified for IVF.

· Air-jacketed direct heating system aids in quick heating and rapid temperature recovery after closure.

· Microprocessor temperature control and PT1000 temperature sensor for optimal temperature stability.

· 90°C moist heat disinfection, for effective elimination of bacteria, spores, molds and mycoplasma.

· Three unique small inner doors greatly reduce temperature and CO2 fluctuations caused by door opening.

· TCD thermal conductivity CO2 sensor with auto-zero function, resistant to high temperature and humidity levels, with extra-long life span.

· Auto start function ensures accurate operation of CO2 sensor upon start-up.

· Independent over-temperature protection ensures culture safety.

· Door heating mechanism prevents water condensation in the inner glass doors.

· Rounded corners in chamber for easy cleaning.

· Multiple alarms indicate incorrect chamber conditions, inner and outer door closure faults, power failure, etc.

· Remote alarm contacts and RS232 interface

· Easy operation with soft-touch control panel

· Volume: 151 lt.

· Three shelves (optional: additional shelves, up to 10 total).

The manufacturer is also the manufacturer of internationally famous brand name CO2 incubators and other quality lab equipment.