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Product Name:

Horizontal Autoclave - Nuve

Product ID: 2482
Manufacturer: NÜVE
Model: OT 150/150D

Stainless steel chamber

Sterilization temperatures: 121°C / 125°C / 134°C / 136°C

Programmable microprocessor N-SmArt™control system

4,3'' LCD colorful display for maximum information

Password protected control system

7 preset programs: Textile, Universal, Prion, Quick, Rubber, Sensitive, Gravity

10 custom made programs + Liquid and drying programs

2 test programs: Vacuum test - Bowie&Dick

Possibility of following the operating parameters graphically

Internal memory for last 500 cycles in detail, 29.500 cycles as summary and last 100 failures

USB port to store the temperature records on memory stick

World-wide access via ethernet port with NuveCloser™

Rapid support by sending e-mails with the details of the failure

RS 232 port for PC or AlerText™.

Thermal printer

Fractionated pre-vacuum system

Built-in steam generator

Maintenance-free diaphragm type vacuum pump

HEPA filter at air intake line

Safety valve

Delivered with shelf carrier and 6 shelves (4 pc. 420x740 mm, 1 pc. 275x740 mm, 1 pc. 330x740 mm)

400 V – 50 Hz, 3 phases+N+G