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Product Name:

Large Multipurpose Centrifuge - Heal Force

Product ID: 2195
Manufacturer: Heal Force
Model: Neofuge 1600R / 1600

The Neofuge 1600R laboratory centrifuge is refrigerated by a precise CFC-free unit with a temperature control range of -10C to +40C. Maximum speed: 15000rpm, maximum RCF: 23646xg. Maximum capacity of 4×400ml with swing-out rotor. 9 acceleration and 10 braking curves and possibility of storing ten working programs.

Microprocessor control with digital LCD display that indicates speed, RCF, time, temperature, acceleration, braking rates and error messages. Automatic rotor identification function and rotor pre-cooling function. Electronic imbalance detection system. Patented lid lock system for safety.

Seven autoclavable (121C, 20min) ultra-duralumin airtight rotors are available.

The manufacturer is also the manufacturer of internationally famous brand name centrifuges and other quality lab equipment.