About EX-LAB The professional source of best value for your money.
New laboratory equipment Haier's most advanced line of -86C freezers, pharmaceutical refrigerators, biohazard hoods.
Nuve's most economical incubators, ovens, table centrifuges, test cabinets.
Heal force - the only CO2 incubators with FDA certification
Optika - largest range of microscopes
And many many more ...
Pre-owned laboratory equipment EX-LAB is the largest supplier in Israel with international branches. We offer substantial savings of 50% or more as compared to the price of buying new equipment. Full warranty and comprehensive technical support to all sold items.
Renting Short term project? No need to buy equipment and spend your cash.
At EX-LAB you can rent all the laboratory equipment that you need from one item to full range of equipment. All with full guarantee and 24/5 full technical support.
Financing/Leasing EX-LAB will provide you with financial sources that will fit your cash flow for your purchases without any bank guaranties.
Cooled storage services Secured with full back-up storage services provide you the right and economical platform to store your materials for short or long terms, in controlled temperature and humidity conditions (+4C, -20C, -86C, -196C LN2, 20% - 95% humidity)
Cold chain solutions For your shipments needs - temperature data loggers, gel packs, insulated boxes, thermal covers, medicines bags etc.